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Patent Number: 7911690
Case ID: 0
Patent Title: Firearm sighting device for viewing around obstacles
Status: ACTIVE
Status Date: 8/2/2011 3:01:51 PM
Issue Date: 3/22/2011
Filed Date: 11/18/2004
Serial #: 0/595,879
Assignee Name: The Commonwealth of Australia (AU)
Inventor(s): Chapman, Thomas
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Lab Name: U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center
Location: RDAR-EIB
Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 07806-5000
Contact: Contact Lab About This Patent

The present invention relates to the general art of fire-arms and sighting devices attached thereto, and more particularly to a sighting device for attachment to a weapon that facilitates viewing, especially viewing around obstacles.

Conventional weapon systems for rifles and so forth incorporate particular sighting arrangements that facilitate the targeting of the weapon at a particular object. Typically, the arrangement is that the user holds their weapon in the standard firing position and sights from directly behind and in line with the barrel of the weapon. This then requires that the user place themselves in a position that allows them to sight and discharge the weapon. This requires that the user align the sighting device that is attached to the weapon and their neck, head and eye, so that the object that is targeted is in focus and positioned in the cross-hairs (reticle). As such, the user may have to assume a position that will . . . . More
A viewing device (10) includes a body enclosing a first reflective surface or mirror (40), second reflective surface or mirror (42) and a mechanism for securing the body to a conventional sighting device or telescope (82) on a firearm. First mirror (40) is adapted to direct an incoming light beam (44) onto second mirror (42) so that an outgoing light beam (70) is angled relative to the incoming light beam (44). In use, viewing device (10) can be releasably attached to rear end (80) of telescope (82) and allows a user (90) to remain partially hidden behind obstacle (92) whilst viewing through sighting device (82) and using the firearm. The angular offset of respective light beams (44, 70) is between and
The invention claimed is:

1. A viewing device that includes a main body, a first reflective surface fixedly mounted and contained within the body, a second reflective surface fixedly mounted and contained within the body, a means adapted for removably securing said body to a sighting device, wherein the first reflective surface is adapted to direct an incoming light beam from a first aperture to the second reflective surface, wherein the first and second reflective surfaces are not positioned parallel to one another, and the second reflective surface is adapted to direct the reflected light beam so that in total it is deflected at an angle of between 35 degrees and 60 degrees in the horizontal plane from the direction of the incoming light beam through a second aperture, and wherein the incoming light beam and the reflected light beam do not cross over one another, such that a user can be horizontally offset from the incoming light beam for viewing an object through the viewin . . . . More