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Patent Number: 7938066
Case ID: 0
Patent Title: Strip charge storage arrangement
Status: ACTIVE
Status Date: 10/7/2011 11:09:38 AM
Issue Date: 5/10/2011
Filed Date: 2/5/2007
Serial #: 1/703,907
Assignee Name: The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy (Washington, DC)
Inventor(s): Scheid, Eric , Roark, John A.
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Lab Name: NSWC Crane
Location: 300 Highway 361
Crane, IN 47522
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(1) Field of the Invention

The invention relates to explosive charges, and more particularly to a storage arrangement for an elongated flexible strip charge.

(2) Description of the Prior Art

A strip charge is an elongated flexible explosive device used, for example, to breach structures such as a door or wall. As currently stored, the strip charge is wound around itself and placed in a foil bag prior to use.

This method of storage causes cracks in the strip charge that prevents detonation and destroys the intended use of the strip charge. In addition, the tightly wound strip charge develops a shape memory which prevents natural unraveling of the strip charge after being secured to a target structure.


It is therefore a general purpose and primary object of the present invention to provide a storage arrangement for a strip charge that prevents cracks in the strip charge.  . . . . More
A storage arrangement for a strip charge includes a spool having a central aperture into which is placed an end of the strip charge, and a channel extending from the central aperture out to a peripheral wall around which the strip charge is wound. The channel includes a slightly curving portion so as not to unduly bend the strip charge. The spool is removably attached to a base plate that maintains the strip charge in place prior to use.
What is claimed is:

1. A strip charge storage arrangement comprising: a generally cylindrical spool having a top surface, a bottom surface and a peripheral wall; an aperture in said spool extending from said top surface to said bottom surface; an open channel extending from said aperture to said peripheral wall, said open channel having a slightly curved portion; a base plate removably attached to said spool; a plurality of pegs extending from a surface thereof of said base plate in a pattern; and a plurality of cylindrical openings positioned in an undersurface of said spool to align for placement on said pegs.

2. A strip charge storage arrangement according to claim 1 further comprising a shrink wrap packaging encasing said storage arrangement.

3. A strip charge storage arrangement according to claim 1 wherein said spool is made of a rigid foam material.

4. A strip charge system comprising: a generally cylindrical spool having a top surface . . . . More