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Patent Number: 7966923
Case ID: 0
Patent Title: Conformable self-healing ballistic armor
Status: ACTIVE
Status Date: 10/25/2011 2:22:33 PM
Issue Date: 6/28/2011
Filed Date: 6/28/2007
Serial #: 1/879,519
Assignee Name: The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Army (Washington, DC)
Inventor(s): Daniels, George A. , Petrovich, Paul A.
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Lab Name: Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center
Location: AMSRD-TAR-N/289
Warren, MI 48397-5000
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In one aspect this invention relates to ballistic armor structures. More particularly, this invention relates to a ballistic armor which is conformable to a wide variety of vehicles or structures.

The use of ceramics and ballistic cloth as part of ballistic protective armor systems is well-known because of the light weight of these materials as compared to steel and other solid metallic armor. Ceramics are distinguished by a high hardness and very rigid structure. When used for ballistic protection, it is essential that the ceramic chosen be able to withstand the substantial shock load caused by an incident projectile and yet have some deformation protection. A typical ceramic armor structure has a ceramic material on its outer surface designed to withstand the shock of an incoming projectile. It is common to provide a fibrous or metal backing material behind the ceramic to support and withstand the deformation of the ceramic as it is  . . . . More
A conformable self-healing ballistic armor protective structure has a shell formed of a laminated cloth material having outer and inner lamellae. The outer lamella of the laminated material is a ballistic cloth and the inner lamella is a soft, conformable self-healing, rubber compound. The shell is filled preferably with multiplicity of ceramic particles disposed in a fluid.
What is claimed is:

1. A conformable, self healing ballistic armor comprising: a laminated shell having an outer layer of ballistic material and a self-healing inner layer, the inner layer having a pocket therein; and a filler material within the pocket formed within the inner layer, the filler material being a flowable material that conforms to the shape of the laminated shell, the filler material further including solid particles shaped as caltrops.

2. The armor of claim 1 wherein the shell further comprises means to attach the shell to a vehicle body.

3. The armor of claim 1 wherein the shell further comprises at least one selectively closable opening, whereby the filler material may be added or removed from the shell.

4. The armor of claim 1 wherein said filler material is a dilatant gel.

5. The armor of claim 4 wherein the dilatant gel contains fire retarding materials.

6. The armor of claim 1 wherein said ballistic mater . . . . More